Users in Colorado can order and receive delivery of the ticket right in the app, allowing the user to scratch and instantly receive winnings up to $599.99 from real state lottery scratch tickets. All scratch tickets are official Colorado Lottery tickets. Now you can enjoy scratch tickets from home! 


*Take note, this feature is currently available on the iOS app only. Please be sure you are running the latest version of the app.


Order your tickets


Open the Jackpocket app and tap the “Shop Scratchers” card on the main screen. Our storefront shows which scratch games are currently available. Pick your games and number of tickets. Once your ticket order has been delivered and is ready to scratch in the app, you'll get notified by email. 


Scratch your tickets in the app


To scratch your ticket, visit the Orders section of the app and go to the Scratchers tab. Tap into your order to see the image of your ticket. Use your finger to swipe on the ticket to scratch it and reveal the uncovered ticket beneath.


Tap the “Reveal Prize” button at the bottom of the screen to calculate your total winning prize amount and go to your next ticket! 


Collect prizes

  • Prizes of $599.99 or less: We will automatically credit your Jackpocket amount for the full amount. Make a Payout request to send funds directly to your bank account or use your credits toward future orders.
  • Prizes of $600 or more: We will arrange to securely transfer the physical scratch ticket to you so that you may claim your prize from the state lottery. 
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