As a lottery courier service, Jackpocket provides a secure platform for users to order lottery tickets that we then fulfill on their behalf at a licensed lottery retailer. When you place a scratch-off order on Jackpocket, we send you an email confirmation that includes all your order details. Once we’ve secured your tickets from the lottery retailer, we provide you with the serial numbers of the tickets you ordered right in the app PRIOR to completing processing of the ticket. This ensures that the ticket we have acquired on your behalf is the same ticket you receive in the app after fulfillment. You will receive another email once all your scratch tickets have been secured, delivered to your Jackpocket app, and are ready to scratch. 

You can check the status of your order any time. Open the Jackpocket app and tap Orders at the bottom of the screen. Within the Orders section, click on the Scratchers tab to see your scratch ticket order history. 

Once you have scratched and revealed your scratch ticket, you can click the 3 dots at the top right of your app screen to see additional details about your ticket, including timestamps of the entire fulfillment process from Jackpocket. Here you can also view an image of the validation receipt for your ticket, which is printed directly from the state lottery terminal. The validation ticket shows the serial number of the ticket you ordered, the prize for the ticket, and the date it was redeemed at the lottery terminal. This is for your assurance that you received the ticket you ordered and that you received the correct prize for the ticket you ordered. 

We are legally required to provide you with your winnings. We credit your account if your ticket wins a small prize and transfer the ticket to you if it wins a large prize so you can claim it from the state lottery. For details on small and large prizes in your state please see: What happens if I win?


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