There are five different ways to fund your Jackpocket account with credits, depending on your state:

  1. PayPal (We support personal PayPal accounts only, which must be setup using a confirmed bank account.)
  2. Directly using your bank account via secure bank login.
  3. E-Check (manually using your checking and routing number if your bank is not listed for login). 
  4. Debit: Mastercard or Visa debit cards (in MN, NH, NJ, CO, TX, DC and AR only)
  5. Credit card: Mastercard (NH, NJ); Visa (NJ) or Discover credit cards (NJ)

Tap Add Funds right from the main Play screen to get started.

You can also use the Auto Fund feature to automatically add funds to your Jackpocket account whenever your balance drops below a specified amount. Learn more here

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