In a lottery pool, you join with others for a better chance to win! Each member of a pool contributes lottery ticket(s). Then, all pool members split the winnings. In supported states, Jackpocket offers two types of pools: public and private. Pools are currently available for Powerball and Mega Millions only.

Jackpocket Public Pools

Jackpocket Public Pools are pools that anyone in your supported state can join. Winnings are split evenly and you can contribute one entry per drawing. Our Public Pools are grouped by state which means that you’ll be with other Jackpocket users in your state. 


Jackpocket Private Pools

Any Jackpocket customer can create and send invitations to their Private Pool. Private Pools can only be joined by invitation. Each Private Pool member can contribute as many entries as they'd like. The more entries you contribute, the bigger your slice of the prize! Our Private Pools are state-specific, so you can be in a private pool group with friends and family in your state. 
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