With Smart Order, Jackpocket will automatically order your tickets for each drawing so that you never miss out.

Tap "Smart Order" on the bottom of the app to set up your Smart Order(s). 

When you sign up for your Smart Order, you'll choose between the Quick Pick and Pick Your Own Numbers options. If you choose Quick Pick, then the numbers will be different for each drawing (i.e., new random numbers are selected for each drawing). If you choose to pick your own numbers, then those numbers will be ordered for each drawing (i.e., they will be the same). Please note that you will be unable to choose the number of draws.

Your Smart Orders will use your existing Jackpocket credits. We recommend enabling Auto Fund to ensure you always have enough credits to cover your Smart Order(s).

Smart Orders are no longer supported in New York. If you’re a New Yorker, you can use Subscriptions to place an order for multiple drawings at checkout.

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