If you are using the Android app, you have the option to select the kinds of push notifications you want to receive.
If you're ordering lottery tickets through Jackpocket on the web (play.jackpocket.com) you must download the Android app directly in order to receive push notifications.
Once you have downloaded the app, you’ll have to navigate to: 
System Settings->Apps->Jackpocket->Notifications.
Please note: depending on your OS version and Manufacturer - these steps may be slightly different.
From this view, you can toggle on/off notifications for each item:
  • General - this is for general notifications
  • Promotions and Offers - this is to let you know if there are any active promotions or discounts you’re eligible for
  • Results and Winnings - this is to notify you when the results are in for a game you played
  • Account Services and Warnings - this will remind you when your balance is running low
  • Transactions - this will share updates specific to your transactional history e.g. orders placed, payment method updates, etc.
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