New Jersey’s Pick-6 is changing. What does this mean for my Smart Order?

The New Jersey Lottery is updating the game rules for Pick-6 starting April 5, 2022. 

Here’s what is changing:

  • XTRA: Multipliers are now added automatically. All orders will get a random XTRA value: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10. 
  • Numbers: The new numbers are from 1 to 46. 
  • Price: Each order will go up from $1 to $2 - but remember, XTRA is now included.
  • Double Play: The new add-on feature (“Double Play”) won’t be available on Jackpocket right away but is an option when ordering Pick-6 tickets at a lottery retailer. 

If you have an Smart Order set for Pick-6, here’s what will change for you:

Users with a Quick Pick Smart Order

Starting with the April 7th drawing, your Quick Picks will be randomly generated from the new pool of numbers 1 to 46. 

Users with a Pick Your Own Numbers Smart Order

If your Smart Order numbers contain 47, 48, or 49, you’ll need to select new numbers before 9pm on Monday, April 4th. After that, Pick-6 Smart Orders with unavailable numbers will be deleted—but you can always set up a new one!

All users with Pick-6 Smart Orders

Take note: the price per order will now be $2 and will automatically include XTRA.

The new Pick-6 will start drawing on Thursday, April 7th, 2022. 

You can update, pause, or delete your Pick-6 Smart Order by opening the Jackpocket app and tapping “Smart Order” at the bottom of the main home screen.


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